Lacrosse – Girls


Trinity’s first season of girls and boys lacrosse made history trailblazing our way into the history books and starting a new tradition on the field for the Lions. This past year was about growth, development, building confidence, developing friendships and character that will last longer than this season. In the words of former All-star football and baseball player Bo Jackson , “ Set your goals high, and don’t stop until you get there.” That is just what we did and will continue to do many seasons from now! Our boys and girls lacrosse players are the foundation of what is to come.

TCS is proud to have its second year of both girls and boys Lacrosse this Spring, 2017 as well as a Fall Ball league through The Copperheads! Our Lacrosse program is based in the aspiration to glorify and honor God with the skills and gifts He has blessed our athletes with, through the “the fastest game on foot”, lacrosse. First and foremost, love God with all your being! In our program it’s all about loving the Lord with all of our soul, strength, heart, and mind. On the field we play for the glory of God, then each other and the name on our jerseys. We will give ourselves fully to practicing our hardest and playing our hearts out perpetually (1Corinthians 15:58).Trinity Lacrosse seeks to establish a tradition of team pride and excellence, on and off the field.

Our teams will continue on strong and won’t falter with our strive for admirability, integrity, and our ability to compete with honor and pride while developing a commitment to teamwork and service to the community. In all aspects of instilling the necessary skills and character in our lacrosse players, we hold Colossians 3:17 at the heart of it all. As a team, whatever we do in word or action, it will be done in the name of the Lord. We will win humbly but stay hungry, we will lift each other up through encouragement and accountability for our teammates. We will continually master technique, grace in winning with humility, and to excel at the highest level while acting and competing in a way that reflects our core values. Our lacrosse teams will be forging character and strength on the lacrosse field for the game of life.

Future Growth – Looking Ahead:

My vision for Trinity’s Lacrosse program is to build a strong foundation from the beginning, continuing on with the sport being introduced in the fall to all grade levels in P.E. and then moving forward to fielding both boys’ and girls’ Middle School teams again for the Spring 2017 season. Middle School teams will play 10-12 games with our season starting in January and wrapping up in early May with tournament opportunities. We have the opportunity to participate in a Fall Ball League through The Copperheads as well this 2016 season with a similar schedule. In our 3rd year, our players will then advance, helping start our JV teams in the Spring of 2020. We will continue to collaborate with Copperhead Lacrosse to field games and tournaments on the South-Side. In our fourth year, Spring of 2022 the lacrosse program will have boys’ and girls’ Varsity teams with the players who started with us from the beginning! I think it will be so meaningful to have our first Varsity lacrosse teams with the players who helped build our teams from the start. Our goal is to build this program up right from the start and for the glory of our Lord.

In Him,

Coach Lauren Soulen
Director of Lacrosse & Head Girls Coach

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