Volleyball Communications

Head Coach: Joe Herrera – joe.herrera@tcslions.org
JV Coach: Eric Edwards – eric.edwards@grainger.com
MS Coach: Brenda Smaltz – brendasmaltz@yahoo.com
Development Program: Julie Bigler – julie.bigler@tcslions.org

Staying Connected
All communication is done via an email group. Below are the instructions for joining.

1. Send a blank email to TCS_Volleyball-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
2. To activate your subscription, reply to the confirmation message you receive from the group.

New for 2014
In order to ensure you receive all communications in a timely manner, we will use a smart phone app to send notifications. The app is called glassboard. After signing up you will receive email notifications anytime a message is posted as well as a notice through the smart phone app. The app is available for free for both I-phone and droid platforms. To join you need to send an email request to Coach Joe Herrera – joe.herrera@tcslions.org. You will then receive an invitation to join the board.